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About us

Find out about us here at the Window Cleaner Isle of Wight. We offer a dedicated and professional cleaning service for both domestic and commercial properties across the Isle of Wight. From Freshwater to Bembridge and from Cowes to St Catherine’s Point. We are an established Island Company: having operated for over five years we are fully cognisant of those requirements unique to Island life, whether rural, urban, inland or coastal. We are conscious that the Island’s main source of income is tourism and that businesses need to look at their best at all time especially during the height of the season and at major events such as carnivals, regattas and Cowes Week.

Appreciative of the beauty of the Isle of Wight we are alsoaware that the proximity of the sea may be detrimental to a property’s windows. Sea air can cause windows to become marked, salted or caked in fine sand particles all of which can reduce overall visibility and light intake and blemish otherwise attractive building. We strive to make our clients’ windows sparklingly clean, allowing them to enjoy the best of the Island’s scenery and its other charms and showing Island’s buildings at their best to our visiting neighbours. 

Our Company is staffed by a dedicated, professional and friendly team who continually strive for excellence and take pride in always providing a high quality service and finish for our customers. We are committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and will always ask for feedback so that we ensure that our customers are happy with the service provided.

We understand that everyone is different and as such ourclients’ needs are evaluated by their individual bases. The Isle of Wight has its own rhythm of life which means that our customers may require different services at different times or frequencies during the year. By developing a strong rapport with our clientele, we make it easy for our customers to communicate their needs allowing a flexible individualised plan to be created and to be adapted when necessary.

Please feel free to contact us at the number given on the Contact Us page or get in touch by email if you are interested in our business or would like to find more information about the services that we provide.