Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here you will find all the answers to the questions you may have about our Isle of Wight Window Cleaning service. Hopefully they should give you a good insight into how we operate. If you do have any questions that are not answered here then please get in contact with us!

Do you use and bring your own water?
Yes, we supply are own water. Are vans are equipped with water tanks to supply us we all we need!

How long does it take to clean our homes windows?
It really depends on the size or the property. We are really professional and efficient at what we do. An estimate of time will be given upon request.

Will we need to be in when you clean our windows?
You wont have to be there when we arrive, we are able to get on with the job! The only time you will need to be there is if we have to do the inside, as we would need to have access into the property! IF your not in we will just pop the invoice through the letter box.

Do you cover the whole of the Isle of Wight?
Yes we cover the entire Isle of Wight, from freshwater to Shanklin.

Do you clean the inside windows?
Yes, we are able to clean inside and out!

How do we book you in for a quote?
Just give us a call, email or text! We should be able to give you a price over the phone, for larger homes we may need to come and visit you to provide a more accurate price.

Do you use eco friendly products?
All the products we use are safe and friendly! When it comes to your home you don’t want any harmful products being used.

How often should we clean our windows?
It really depends on your preference and location. If you live closer to the coast then salt and muck might build up on them more quickly. A general rule of thumb is between 1&2 months.

Do you clean gutter and the window frames?
Part of our window cleaning service includes the frames; they will all be wiped down. Gutter cleaning is a service we also offer at a extra fee.

How do we pay for your window cleaning service?
We can accept cash, card or bank transfer.

Do you clean shop front windows?
We offer our services to both domestic and commercial. We can clean shop, commercial offices, commercial buildings and all domestic homes! Basically if you have a window than needs cleaning we can do it.